Talle Valley Trek: The Treasure Trove of Arunachal

Stretched across the wonderful landscape of Arunachal Pradesh, Talle Valley is a truly offbeat trek, and follows a trail that dips into beautiful, lush forest valleys, verdant bamboo forests and rainforests cut by several gushing rivers. Home to some of the rarest and most exquisite flora and fauna, the Talle Valley trek is a whisper of thrill and serenity, beckoning passionate trekkers and nature lovers into its rich bounds. Spread across the stunning valleys of Ziro, Talle and Pangey, the trek is also a dream destination for shutterbugs, and promises them postcard worthy photos! A dual dose of solitude and adrenaline await you.

Arunachal Pradesh | 6D/5N | 2745 mts.| November to March

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The itinerary is as follows:

Day 01 – Drive to Ziro

Day 02 – Trek from Mani Polyang to Pange Valley

Day 03 – Trek from Pange Valley to Talle Valley

Day 04 – Trek from Talle Valley to Pange Valley River Camp

Day 05 – Trek from Pange Valley River Camp to Hong village

Day 06 – Drive from Hong village to Ziro


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Why to avoid consumption of alcohol and smoking on high altitude treks?

Abstaining from smoking and alcohol is not just a matter of discipline, as far as high altitude treks are concerned. There is a great risk that these activities carry. If you’re aware about AMS, you know that the importance of regular water intake and hydration cannot be overstated. Drinking alcohol will only drain and dehydrate you severely, which is a clear cut invitation for AMS, or in worse situations, HAPE and HACE. Similarly, smoking will significantly reduce the lungs’ capacity of oxygen intake, putting you at the same risks. Even without the added burden of smoking, your lungs are struggling to get used to the lower oxygen levels. Why add to it? Read More.

Trekking During Periods?

Bid goodbye to whatever qualms or misgivings you may have about the idea of trekking during your periods. We’re about to tell you how you can deal with your periods during treks in quite a hassle free manner! As long as you’re carrying sufficient sanitary napkins or whatever you use, along with proper means of disposing them, there’s nothing to fear. In fact, some trekkers experience much lesser cramps after during their treks, owing to the rigorous exercise that the body receives. Just bear in mind though, that your tampons and sanitary napkins aren’t biodegradable, and don’t belong anywhere on the mountains. Read More.

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